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Design of Building Technical Systems

Mono Energy is able to provide you with the most detailed designs of your building technical systems. Our Zero-Energy design department will take care that every system is considered with the most up to date technologies and with the best efficiency.

The cost optimality of every proposed system is evaluated and proposed to the client in each case for him to ease up their decision-making process.

We understand that each project is different, and our engineering and project management services can be customized according to a project’s specialized needs. Engineering and consulting services, for example, may range from specialty design with a limited scope, to full design that includes construction documents and field observation.


Behind the better performance of our building designs, lies our sophisticated approach to building information modelling, building physics and fluid dynamics. Our building designers engage with advanced analysis and research, but always with focused outcomes in mind.

Throughout a building’s life, our facilities management and operations consultants make sure that it continues to work at its best. To poor-performing assets, our building retrofit specialists bring renewal.

Near Zero Energy Building Design


Net Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEBs) have received increased attention in recent years as a result of constant concerns about energy supply constraints, decreasing energy resources, increasing energy costs and the rising impact of greenhouse gases on world climate.
Our Buildings division provides full-service engineering and design services that cover a variety of structures and systems, from building brand new facilities to renovating and rehabilitating those that already exist. Our process is budget-sensitive and highly effective. We specialize in providing exceptional design services for HVAC, electrical, piping, architectural, fire protection, and lighting systems, as well as a host of specialty services including commissioning, energy, life safety evaluations, condition assessments, etc.

Heating & Cooling System Design


When thoughtfully designed, mechanical services such as ventilation, heating and cooling can go unnoticed. Yet these essential services help make offices and apartments attractive to tenants, and hotels appealing to guests. At their best they are resource-efficient, easy to control and maintain, adaptable and designed with wellness in mind.
Our engineers provide simple and elegant solutions that enhance the long-term value of properties. Our experience encompasses passive and energy-efficient solutions that contribute to sustainable building design, and appraisal and retrofit for better performing services in existing buildings.

Plumbing & Hot Water Design


Our hot water system design services are cost-effective and reliable, delivering high-quality results. You can expect hot water to be delivered when you want it at exactly the temperature you want it. We ensure you reap the benefits of cutting edge technology when we design your hot water system.

ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT & CONSTRUCTION for solar PV projects of any proportion on a turnkey basis from concept to completion and as per the custom requirements of clients.

Mono Energy offers solutions for:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Utility Scale projects


We are ISO 9001:2008 certified company & over the years Mono Energy has built a very strong supply chain network with leading industry suppliers through which the company is able to offer products of high quality and best prices there by ensuring high quality projects with affordable pricing.


We have a team of skilled and experienced engineers, contractors with profound solar design experience. The team consists of several experienced engineers in the field of electrical, electronics, mechanical and civil engineering who undertake detailed planning, design, execution & maintenance of solar power plants.


We enjoy a reputation for timely execution of projects and the company’s highly trained and experienced engineers keep up the schedules. Mono Energy has executed projects in Tirana, Durrës & Korçë.
We can execute projects all over Albania and in the most difficult to reach remote locations.

Reduce your energy bills by up to 60%* with Solar Panels.


Solar hot water systems (also known as Solar Thermal) are a renewable energy source that harness heat from sunlight by capturing energy which is radiated by the sun within solar panels or collectors.
Solar Water Heating is not to be confused with Solar PV (PhotoVoltaic), which is designed to generate electricity.
This heat energy is then moved down pipes to the hot water cylinder within your home, reducing the need to use Gas, Biomass or Electricity to heat the hot water you require; lowering energy bills as well as your carbon footprint.


Solar panels offer the following benefits:

  • The ability to provide around 60%* of your homes hot water requirement
  • Capability to heat hot water in both direct and cloud diffused sunlight
  • Compatibility with either a current Gas or Oil fired regular or system boiler, or heat pump.


Want to get an idea which solar setup would suit your needs before contacting an installer? Contact us today!

Electrical System Design


Fast Turnaround Times

Our design process is flexible and agile, allowing us to have turnaround times faster than anyone else in the industry.

Accurate Electrical Capacity

We determine how much electricity you can use in your space, so you can ensure proper sign-offs for your project.

Low Maintenance Cost

Because we don’t over-engineer any of our systems, you can be confident your electrical system isn’t over-using energy, lowering the costs to maintain these systems overtime.